Sunday 15 February 2009

Josephine Baker in the Netherlands, 1928

"Josephine Baker on the Scheveningen beach in 1928. She visited the Netherlands where she stayed in the Kurhaus and performed in the Scala theater."


Natasha Rosen said...

Love this shot of Josephine! Even on the beach, she's still on stage.

M said...

She was a joy. :)

George Holland Hill said...

So wonderful to stumble across your site while researching the 1920s for my projected series "Dear Topsy, Love Trixie", based on the series of three books of fictional letters (beginning with "The Trials of Topsy" published 1928) by A. P. Herbert.
Delighted to make your electronic acquaintance.
George in London

M said...

Hi, thank you! Best of luck with your research. :)