Thursday 26 February 2009

Ilustração, No. 118, November 16 1930 - 10a

Click image for 1308 x 872 size.

Portuguese artists and intelectuals at the inauguration of the Columbano room, in the Contemporary Art Museum (photo by H. Novais). Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro was an important Portuguese painter.


elena-lu said...

it's so lovely to see real people dressed in the era, the models and movie stars are so great but to see the real people dressed up for an event is even more exciting!
thanks for sharing this and all your lovely pics!

M said...

Thanks! :) I think so too. I once read this fascinating interview with a woman who worked in the movies as a fashion designer. She said when she did research for period movies she didn't look for fashion magazines of the era, but always family photos, and year end books with college students, etc. It's one thing what fashion designers want you to year, quite another the fashion of the streets.