Thursday 10 December 2009

Vintage Ads, 1910s-1920s

Vintage Ads, 1910s-1920s, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Scanned from Bronwen Meredith's "Vogue Body and Beauty Book" 1977. Click image for 1362 x 1822 size.

1917 ad for Urodonal:

"Triumph of Modern Science

Rheumatism, Gravel, Gout, Arterio-Sclerosis, Obesity.

Medical Opinion: Urodonal is the most powerful solvent of uric acid, being 37 times more active than lithia.

It is rapidly absorbed by the digestive organs, does not over strain the stomach or kidneys, and can be used for any length of time; moreover, Uorodnal is rapidly eliminated through the kidneys - a point of great importance. The water in which it is held in solution passes through these organs more easily and rapidly than plain water, and that in spite of the load of waste products that Urodonal carries away with it.

Furthemore, the diuresis kidney secretion is regular and sustained, and there are no paroxysmal attacks such as those induced by certain diuretics which result in dangerous congestion of the kidneys."

1922 ad for The Ambedia Back Puff: "A woman's difficulty overcome."

1922 Benito illustration:

"Achieving beauty without makeup, through electricity and gentle massages, that's the secret of the beauty specialist".

Undated ad for Polar Cub Electric Vibrator.

"Be your own beauty specialist

The Polar Cub Electric Vibrator enables every woman who cares about her appearance, to gain in the privacy of her own home the full benefits of electric massage - the most successful and up-to-date treatment for preserving the beauty of the face and figure.

Polar Cub treatment really does remove wrinkles and hollows. Polar Cub Electric massage is splendid for your scalp. Polar Cub Electric massage is recommended for nervous disorders. It brings instant relief in cases of headache, fatigue and general 'nerviness'. Order a Polar Cub Vibrator to-day.

To use it is simplicity itself. Just remove the electric light bulb and attach the vibrator. It is perfectly safe and perfectly harmless."

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Susan said...

Curiously quirky ...and practical too - I could do with some of the Urodonal as I'm feeling a little unwell (sounds a little dangerous though!)