Friday 30 October 2009

Models, Oxford Street store in London, 1928

Scanned from "Decades of Fashion" by Harriet Worsley. Click image for 800 x 761 size.

"Models keep warm in their brightly coloured beach wraps and rubberised bathing hats in 1928. This picture was not shot on a beach, but on the roof of an Oxford Street store in London. Plenty of sunshine and fresh air was considered healthy."


Kori said...

Gorgeous photo! I wish we could wear shoes with the low heel like they did while still being glamorous. It seems the higher the heel the better now, and I'm 5'10 without heels and feel like a giant with a 4' platform! Have a great weekend! Kori xoxo

M said...

I love their look top to foot. I'm petite as well! I prefer boots with high heels to shoes, as my ankles tend to wobble a bit... Have a great weekend you too! :)